International Modern Sweets Company
Egyptian joint-stock company

Total 10000 square meters dedicated to the practical field and the production is estimated at 450 tons per month and the yield exceeds more than 50 types

The leading company in the field of confectionery manufacture, where continues its activities as a major confectionery manufacturing company in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

About Us

The story of the company started in 1984 in Port Said City, Egypt, which has lasted until now with the production of Bonbon Sweets, and jelly Sweets covered with sugar, Almond Sweets covered with sugar, Crumbs, Juices, Powder and Wafer, stuffed and stuffed with different flavors.
Modern International Confectionery Co., which has been famous since 1984 with a brand called Giola, has achieved a smile and consumer satisfaction based on 35 years of experience in this field. Our products, whose main objectives are focused on the field of human beings, creativity and growth, are now one of the leading companies producing goods of a specific brand.

Our Mission

The company offers the consumer innovative products in different markets in our factories, which is one of the newest companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and neighboring countries and uses the best and latest technologies.

In circulation in the world circulation in the world
The brand, which achieved in 1987 the first export with every success in its activity in the foreign market, exported to more than ten countries of biscuits, bacon, marmalades and sweets in various fields with an innovative perspective and with the achievement of production work of high-quality care and quality.

Our Vision

By giving research and development studies the importance and development of its various innovative products, natural health and energy, and then offer them to the market in the light of the practical and global values of all our products that are given the utmost importance to health quality certificate iso22000, iso 14001, iso9001

For the first time in the industry in all categories of products thanks to its advanced products, the international company for confectionary documents its quality and nutritional value with quality indicators.

In the years 2014-2019, the International Confectionery International Company became one of the fastest growing companies by 82%, with the development of products to meet the needs of the international markets to which the company exports.

All this and thanks to God continue to develop and grow to achieve our dreams and our ambitions that are unlimited.